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Pole Dancing Classes Las Vegas

The pole dance class in Las Vegas season is heating up and I am getting a lot of calls and questions for and about the classes and pole parties I offer. All classe


Pole Dance Studio Las Vegas

s are private, that means you do not share your class with strangers like many of the other pole dance experiences here in town.

Classes run from 12-7PM seven days a week and transportation can be arranged. We are

located here in an extremely central location in a gorgeous boutique with custom stripper outfits and shoes to compliment your newfound skills.

Booking a class is easy, you can reserve your time online here I will call you to confirm so make sure you leave your correct contact information. Each girl can pay individually the day of the class to make it easier on whomever is organizing things.

You can also call me at 702-997-5258 or text with any questions!


Pole Dance Party


Private pole and lap dance studio for your bachelorette, birthday, divorce party or a girls day out.


Pole Dance Classroom


Pole Dance class Las Vegas


Pole Dance class set up for lap dance with the chairs



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Here’s what you will learn in my pole dance class

Pole Class Las VegasI get asked often when people are planning their Las Vegas trip pole party “Am I really going to learn anything?”.

Yes you are going to learn a lot!

From my FAQ:

What will I learn in a pole dance party?
A lot! I was not only a professional dancer, I was also a dance major in college, a dance instructor, and am a fitness instructor. I have specially designed my class unique from any other to give you a LOT of information in a small amount of time that you can actually use again at home, out at the club, or even on your at home pole if you choose to get one.
Stripper lap dance moves are integrated into a warm up and lesson, then I will show you how to take the lap dance moves and translate them onto the pole for your filler movement. From there, in one lesson I will get you spinning on the pole with enough moves to use the routine I give you or put together your own EVEN IF YOU AREN’T AN EXPERIENCED DANCER.

I start by getting everyone warmed up using lap dance moves. As everyone gets warmer, the moves get more advanced. By the time lap dance is over you will have a full routine for any three and a half minute song (that is average club length). Worried about remembering it? Don’t be I will give you memory tricks and sayings on how to remember each move.
Also by the end of lap dance you will learn: How to pick your stripper name, how to move to any type of music, how to take the routine I’ve showed you and turn from a three and a half minute song to an hour VIP ;) ….at home or in the club. I will also give inside tricks on stripper hustle you will not learn anywhere else and how to use them at home in a fun, playful way to spice up your life.
From lap dance we go to the pole. First thing we will use most of the moves you learned in lap dance on the pole so you can be familiar with it and comfortable from the first song. Then I will show you the technique secret on how to get you onto the pole easily and professionally without needing a lot of upper body strength.  This is a trick most studios don’t want you to know because they want to sell you big packages of classes. Once you learn this you can go home and look at spins on you tube and you will understand the body mechanics needed to try them yourself. When you understand the body mechanics I will show you spins and how to put it all together. You will have lots of free time to practice, laugh, and take pictures.

Ready to take a class?

Questions? 702.997.5258

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Who is teaching your pole dance party? Why it matters….

Ten years ago your choices for a pole dance party or class were fairly slim. Slim isn’t bad of course! Even ten years ago it was a fairly new market, just growing, with the fitness market starting to move into the pole realm, and the pole realm starting to move into the party and mainstream dance market, and all three markets kind of starting to eye each other, sizing each other up. Are we competition? Are we possible co-conspirators? Are we business rivals or allies? Things have started to straighten themselves out quite a bit, and the pole business has kind of settled into a few different categories that are very important to know about if you are planning a special occasion for yourself or another, or if you are looking to get into pole dance as a hobby, sport, or exercise mode.
So what do you need to know? Your choice of instructor, venue, or studio should be based on your needs, gut feelings, and expectations. Here’s what you need to know:

~If you are looking for a regular class to learn pole dance as an ART, DISCIPLINE or SPORT choose a studio that offers packages or monthly memberships.

                      I have taught in many different venues to many different body types. I can get 70-80% of girls to do an inversion in ONE class either a small group, or a private one on one. However, just because I can show you how to haul your cute bootie up in the air upside down and get your legs wrapped around the brass does not mean you have the flexibility and strength to do it multiple times, or even get in and out of it gracefully and correctly. I myself do not teach fitness pole or series pole classes at the moment. If you are in town and want to learn a climb or inversion specifically I do one on ones or small group classes, however I will also break down what you need to do to get in and out of it, and some things to do to get strong on your own at home.  One on one classes are $149.  Email or call me if you have a group of friends who want a one or two time technique class. If you are local (in Vegas) email me for recommendations on pole fitness instructors who do monthly classes if you want classes on a regular basis

~You are having a one time PARTY and you are looking for something special for yourself, a dear friend, etc.

                        It may be a bachelorette, girls weekend in Vegas, birthday, divorce. You want to unwind, give everyone a shot of sexy, different, and adrenalin, get some cute photos, feel good and have fun. Your group may be all similar physically, or you may have what often happens in a bachelorette party where there is a mother in law (or two), friends in their twenties, and a few other relatives. This class needs to NOT feel like an exercise class.  You know what else you don’t need here? An instructor who spends your precious vacation time showing you a bunch of pole moves you cannot do & turns you into her personal, paying audience.  I have heard this complaint many times. Pole classes have become a big business in Vegas. What happens when a business becomes big? It’s automated and impersonal. Instructors are auditioned and hired based upon the show they can put on for someone in a corporate office somewhere and you end up standing there just wishing striperella would slow down enough to show you a spin you can do and a sexy pose for a social media picture. For a one time party choose an INSTRUCTOR or a VENUE where you can have personal contact with the staff teaching or handling your party.  You are way more likely to have a good time this way. Some of the “big business” pole dance classes in Vegas have good to great instructors but it can be a gamble. Before your class, contact me not just for dates and availability but to tell me about your party first so we can put some thought into preparing just for you.

~“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” (Donald Miller)

                    Ah, expectations. We are all grown women here, aren’t we? We have expected things and been delighted, we have expected things and been disappointed (from mildly to grossly am I right?). I bet you don’t know what to expect from a pole class because in doing your research you have read vague reviews, seen pictures of super advanced tricks, and maybe seen photos of everyone gathered around for a picture but what the hell should you expect to do? Here is how I have designed my class and what I think the BASIC expectations should be. 1.Efficient use of time. You have an hour to an hour and a half. Do you want to waste 20 minutes stretching? I incorporate lap dance moves with my warm up so you are learning and stretching. 2. You want the moves you learn to be authentic. The class can be taught by an ex stripper or not, but if you are taking a pole class you should learn authentic, smooth moves and transitions so you can look like a stripper and not like a housewife who learned a pole trick. You could do that yourself by watching youtube. 3. Appropriate but FUN repetition and feedback. For example I teach a move, then let the ladies have fun practicing it while tightening up technique.  4.Fun & camaraderie. Your instructor should encourage even a mixed group to move at their own pace and enjoy themselves. Also, she should offer slightly different moves so your least coordinated party member still has something to do if she is having a hard time.


I have taught pole since 2005, been pole dancing since 1998 and was a dance major in college. Pole Parties are my favorite type of pole class to teach because I feel like in an hour you can learn so much. If you have questions about your upcoming party contact me here  and I will see YOU when you get to Vegas!











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What to do to prepare for your pole dance party

Organizing a group for a pole dance party doesn’t have to be complicated.

The first thing to do is pick two preferred dates if possible in case the studio is booked. Once you narrow down a date decide if you want morning, evening, or afternoon.  An earlier class is a great way to start the day, unless everyone is planning on clubs & drinking the night before. If so, look at mid-day to give everyone time for coffee, water, and some aspirin. Do NOT plan to come in within an hour of your flight because sometimes baggage claim can take that long. If you want to come after the airport give yourself at least two hours. Evening is good if you are having a relaxing day at the pool then you can grab dinner right after and go out.

Once you have decided when organize your girls. Send out a mass email or text to have everyone book online. If your group is part of a group class tell the girls to do it the same day as space is limited. If you are having a private class there is more leeway but everyone should book at least 48 hours in advance.

Dress cute. You are going to want to take photos. Shorts are best on the pole. Bring heels but you do not have to wear them if you aren’t comfortable in them. If you are going to do lunch or something before or after a cute dress over your pole shorts works.

Think about transportation. We can help you with this. If you need a limo let us know. Smaller groups can arrange a taxi but normally there is a 4 or 5 person limit.

Try to have your skin clean and free of lotion.

Be ready to have fun!


Vegas Stripper University: The Interactive Show

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Warning! Use bachelorette party etiquette to avoid mistakes!

For the most part bachelorette parties are going to be fun. However there are a few common mistakes I have seen happen over & over again. Check out this list to make sure you don’t add drama to the estrogen alcohol mix.

  1. Pole dancing with your mother in law & great grandma.  This may work depending on the brides relationship with her family & future family but think about it. Can you imagine learning how to do a stripper grind for mommys favorite son while shes there? Or even worse, while she’s there learning the same trick for your father in law/ future grandfather to your children? It may work it may not. Don’t exclude anyone, offer brunch or shopping at the same time.
  2. Pole dancing with a hangover. One bachelorette party I taught the girls were ADORABLE & had flown in the night before. They partied all night and had a lesson planned for 10:30 am. They were late, the bride had been bought drinks by horny Las Vegas guys all night and was looking really green. I ended up holding her hair and a trash can for her and I myself was unable to eat greek yogurt for a month. I love greek yogurt! The bride was pressured to drink a lot after a work day and a long flight and her friends were able to enjoy the lesson but she wasn’t. Make sure you think about sleep, hangovers, activities, etc as you schedule.
  3. The tour guide from hell.  I always feel bad for those girls that come in after having done a pool party, mani/pedis, marathon shopping, the titanic exhibit at the luxor, the roller coaster at the stratosphere, brunch, lunch and then a pole dance lesson at 3pm. Pick a few highlights of the trip and let everyone enjoy themselves. You may want to schedule downtime where the ladies can take a nap and make quick calls back to kids & assure husbands they havent run off with one of those sexy blue bald bastards from the blue man group.
  4. Nothing to do. The flip side of this is having nothing to do. If you pick out your “must do” things and any activity that has a scheduled time like a show, dinner reservations, etc make a list of things that can be done anytime. Pool time, a trip to a local bar, shopping, sightseeing or taking a drive or a taxi to a local destination.
  5. Pissy spouses and privacy. Make sure either all activities are okayed with everyones significant other and/or decide what you and your girls are going to do about uploading twitters, facebook checkins, fb photos, etc. Get everyones permission first and decide as a group what your social media strategy will be. Ask before you tag. Be cool
  6. Be sensitive. Someone may back out of drinking, matching hoochie mama outfits, or an activity for different reasons. Some girls don’t want to be groped by a strange half naked man because it makes them anxious, some ladies have religious restrictions on clothing or tarot card readings. Women are all so different and you may have a group with a Mormon girl wearing her “garments”, a new mommy who just gave birth and is nursing and pumping, a single mom who was able to afford the trip but not a bunch of shopping, whatever. Allow ladies to bow out gracefully if needed and plan to meet up with them in a few hours. Be classy & dont talk about them when you are all off.
  7. Get the lay of the land & ask questions. Be cool to your bartenders, service staff and entertainers. These people see a hundred assholes a weekend. Just because its your special weekend doesn’t make you a special asshole. You’re special when you are able to come in, display some class and some cash and let the professionals do the rest. Normally just because a group has a bachelorette doesn’t mean the bachelorette gets something free. Let the staff know what your group is and if you are cool and classy they will offer any comps they are allowed to.
    If your group is larger and you are in a bar make sure you’re not in the way and everyone is of age, with id.  Also double check with the bartender if there is a specific area where you guys need to be. Ask if they have specialty shots. Find out about tipping & photo policies. As a pole instructor AND bartender I want you to enjoy your party but as soon as you start making my day hard its not going to happen.  This girls that come in, get their tickets and drink orders organized, are smiling and having fun are going to get a free shot for the special lady & advice on how to get half price tickets. I had one group I especially enjoyed doing the pole dance party for and they happened to be seeing american storm where I was bartending that evening. I made sure to point out the group & the ladies had a memorable time for sure! You don’t have to spend a lot, just use the golden rule.

Most of all have fun! Support your friend by helping things run smooth and enjoying yourself and helping be a peacemaker if you need to.
Get a pole for your party

Bachelorette Party decorations & accessories

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How to have a cheap DIY Bachelorette Party

After teaching pole dance for the past seven years I have seen “yay” and “fail” (and oh, so fail…) bachelorette party ideas.

In this post I would like to focus on some ways to save money on your party night and weekend.

Ask the bachelorette what her “must haves” are. It’s her party, after all. Maybe she has always dreamed of riding a roller coaster with her friends on her night, pole dancing, doing a scavenger hunt in Vegas (or San Diego, whatever). But find out what she REALLY wants & plan around that. Maybe you won’t even need to leave town. Maybe she wants to combine the bachelor/ette parties?

Go over the guest list. Take a hard look at the guest list with the bachelorette and compare it with her must haves. If she has her heart set on a makeup lesson/application, cocktails & night out for example do you have some guests who may not be attending all of it? Great Aunt Edith may enjoy the pedicure party but not the male strippers later. Of course, leave the option to Edith but if you have multiple activities planned ask the guests what if all they will be attending. Also, be sensitive that some  gals’ husbands or boyfriends may cause drama if you are headed out to get down with some oiled up muscle heads. No use in buying tickets and having the married mommies parting ways with the party at 9pm.

What can you do yourself?

  • Does the bachelorette want a beauty day? Give each other pedicures, hire one beauty specialist to give a “lesson” where she does the bride and you each perform the service on each other.


  • Does someone have a house you can have a pool party or BBQ at in the afternoon?  Also great for the coed events.
  • DIY photo session in everyones outfits. Stage an area by removing clutter and adding a cute backdrop & lights. Get hot photos of everyone.
  • If you are combining the bachelorette & bachelor party (not everyone thinks their future spouse getting rubbed on by naked strangers right before their wedding is cool) you can promote fidelity AND sexiness by getting a pole for the party. The ladies can have fun trying it out while their guys look on and everyone saves money in cover charges.  Check out youtube for some how to videos.

Save money on events & professionals

  • Check out special promotions at local places. Ladies night dollar drinks, ladies get in free, a bar with a free band, etc.  As soon as you let everyone know you are a bachelorette party they will want to upcharge you. Just show up OR call the week ahead and ask if you can get a free table if you are bringing say 15 ladies.  (Count Aunt Edith if you need to!).
  • Pregame. Have a few drinks BEFORE you head out as long as you have a driver. Don’t skimp on this. And don’t ask one of the ladies to do it, thats bad manners unless someone already doesn’t drink and is asking for trouble. Have dinner as a potluck or buffet at someones house before you go.
  • Does anyone in the party have a skill or talent you can “volunteer”? A yoga instructor, pastry chef, bartender. Ask for help!
  • Find out if the local pole dance instructor will come to the home for a lap or pole dance lesson. I used to do this all the time. I still do sometimes, but I did find it often hard to figure out a suitable place to setup my pole at peoples houses. Now I encourage ladies to stick to lap dance lessons at home which is still super fun. If you do want the pole make sure you are able to clear enough room for setup.

Other tips

  • Share hotel rooms or rent a condo for a slumber party style weekend out of town.
  • Pick your group souvenirs carefully. I have seen some groups decide they are going to get outfits made up with custom printed booty shorts, tanks, tiaras, etc.  You will likely never again wear a tank top with “Susies Stripper Lesson Bachelorette Weekend” on it. And there is always going to be one or two ladies who are pissed about squeezing into those booty shorts. If you want to match suggest everyone wearing the same color and then getting tiaras,  mardi gras beads, garters, etc.
  • Everyone leaves behind the custom pilsner you get for the bachelorette to drink out of.

Whatever you do have fun and take lots of photos. Dont let drama spoil the night and relax!




Get a pole for your party

Bachelorette Party decorations & accessories

Beauty Party Professionals and


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Pole Dance Fitness

People come to my pole dance class & the first thing they want to do usually is go upside down. Honestly, I can normally get someone upside down in one lesson. I had a VERY fit 42 year old mom who was picking up some spins and such pretty fast last week and I decided to time her. Seven minutes!

But  does that mean she is really in shape enough to go upside down all the time, and pole dance in general? She was in great shape. But if you are just doing tricks and not working on your overall fitness in general you are going to injure yourself.  What do you need to supplement your pole dance fitness routine?

  • Stretching~ Yoga or pilates, or just plain old stretching. All over, of course, but especially the back, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms. Any stretch you do should be held for at least 30 seconds.Yoga DVDs and Books
  • Strength training~ You don’t have to join a gym, a few minutes a day even is sufficient. If you are working out at home get a small set of weights or bands. Dancing on a pole will build your strength buy you need overall strength as well.  I suggest the 12-Minute Total-Body Workout.
  • Cardio~ Not only does cardio keep your heart & lungs healthy but it keeps your weight low, which has obvious benefits if you are dancing on a pole. Cycling or interval training is excellent. Even a fast, hard walk. If you want to add to your exotic movement I suggest belly dance. Belly Dance for Cardio it helps with your transitions & filler movement on the pole and the floor and gets you in excellent shape.

So pole dance fitness is way more involved than just your pole practice. You need a well rounded program to perform on your pole at your best. Good luck!

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Pole Dancing Clothes

So you have taken a pole dance class, or bought a pole and suddenly you realize…..I need pole dancing clothes. Pole dancing wear really falls into two categories.
Sexy pole dance outfits to wear once you have perfected your routines, and practice wear (like pole dancing shorts, etc.).
Pole Dance Outfits & Stripperwear fall into quite a few of their own subcategories.

  • Sexy Stripper Separates ~ These are super popular because when you are pole dancing it adds to the performance if you can take off a piece at a time. Also, you can mix and match your gear that way for a variety of looks.
  • Stripper Dresses~ Next popular are sexy pole dancing club wear type outfits. Most pole dance dresses are going to be a bit more daring than what most people would wear to a club, but you never know. (I live in Vegas so I have seen it all)
  • Stripper Costumes~ Schoolgirl, naughty nurse, maid, pole dancing police officer. It might be a bit of a cliche from a Motley Crue video but fantasy sells and a costume and a pole go hand in hand.
  • Corsets~ While maybe not the most practical pole dance outfit, for lap dance a corset to bust out of is HOT.

Pole Dance Shorts & Practice Wear

  • Pole Dance Shorts & Practice wear~ Even when you are practicing you want to look hot, but be able to make contact with the pole. Usually shorts are your best bet, but use layers to stay comfy. Legwarmers, sweaters, etc.

Also, don’t forget the Pole Dance Stripper shoes & boots and when practicing your climbs & inversions I highly suggest Gorilla gold grip enhancer its the only grip enhances I use, but I will write more on that later!

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